Philips SpeechLive Integrates Nuance's Dragon Speech Recognition
Speech recognition based on personal user profiles optimizes transcriptions

Philips Dictation by Speech Processing Solutions, a globally leading innovator in voice technology, has announced the latest innovation in their professional cloud-based dictation and transcription solution, Philips SpeechLive. The enhancement integrates speech recognition from Nuance Dragon. This major development offers the most accurate dictation workflow, leading to new levels of efficiency for legal professionals worldwide.

Featuring highly precise AI-powered speech recognition integrated directly into legal workflows, this latest version of SpeechLive continuously learns for unmatched accuracy. It empowers time-constrained lawyers to create high-quality documentation while enhancing efficiency and expediting documentation completion. Additionally, assistants can access automated transcripts together with the original recordings for quick corrections, freeing them to concentrate on more meaningful tasks, ultimately boosting work satisfaction and productivity.

Dr. Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, "The integration of Nuance Dragon into Philips SpeechLive marks a significant enhancement for legal professionals. By merging top-tier AI-powered speech recognition with the best-in-class dictation platform, we're empowering legal professionals to benefit from the best of both worlds. This unique combination will streamline their workflow and achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy in their document creation process."

Key benefits for legal professionals include:

● Specialized Legal Vocabularies: Access tailored legal vocabularies for precise transcription and industry-specific terminology adherence.

● Custom Profiles: Personalize speech profiles to streamline workflows and boost efficiency, eliminating repetitive corrections.

● Personalized User Recognition: Nuance Dragon's adaptive learning optimizes transcription accuracy, tailoring to individual preferences.

● Enhanced Functionality: Experience streamlined features within SpeechLive, including live dictation and recording capabilities, enhancing workflow efficiency.

● Enhanced Mobility: Access SpeechLive across devices for flexible work arrangements, including PCs and mobile phones, facilitating work from any location.

● Real-time speech recognition with Dragon Bar: Dictate directly into applications for convenience, such as Word documents or Client Management Systems (CMS), simplifying the documentation process.

● Data Security: Philips SpeechLive prioritizes data security, with servers located in five regions worldwide and features such as Multifactor Authentication and Single Sign-on.

In the legal profession, effective communication requires reliance on and integration of precise speech recognition and a seamlessly integrated workflow system.

Philips SpeechLive platform's versatility and convenience cater to the dynamic needs of legal professionals. This all-in-one dictation and transcription platform empowers time-pressed professionals and high-demand firms to save time and earn more money by automating the documentation process between authors and transcriptionists, also allowing them to work flexibly from anywhere.

Free demos of Philips SpeechLive with Nuance Dragon integration are available at

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